Appetizer & Party Platters



(5) Selections 


Buffet Selections:

Chicken Wings          Jalapeno Poppers         Fried Dill Pickles          Fresh Tortilla Chips & Salsa                   Bean Dip & Chips

Egg Rolls                    BBQ Lil Smokies            Potato Skins                Fresh Cut Chips & Cheese Sauce          Fried Mushrooms

Onion Rings              Meatballs                        Assorted Veggis          Strawberries with Dip                             Toasted Ravioli

Cheese Sticks            Chicken Livers               Chicken Gizzards        Jalapeno Corn Dip & Chips                     Jalapeno Cheese Sticks

Pot Stickers   



ALACARTE (per person)

Shrimp w/ Cocktail Sauce                              Chicken Wings                    Stuffed Mushroom Caps             Potato Skins       

Fried Dill Pickles                                               Lil Smokies                         Jalapeno Poppers                         Toasted Ravioli  

Fried Cheese Sticks                                         Pot Stickers                         Jalapeno Cheese Sticks                Egg Rolls             

Cocktail Meatballs                                           Chicken Livers                   Chicken Gizzards                            Onion Rings                                         Chips, Salsa & Cheese Sauce                         Fresh Cut Chips                Chicken Fingers                               Bean Dip            

Chips & Salsa                                


        Fresh Strawberries & Dip                          Fresh Fruit                                       Cheese & Summer Sausage     

        Assorted Vegetables & Dip                       Cheese & Crackers                         Cocktail Sandwiches                  


                       Popcorn                   Chex Mix                    Pretzels                  Tortilla Chips     


                     If we have missed any appetizer's you would like to have, we will be glad to work with you!!!





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